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New Bedford Walk in Tubs

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Adding a walk in tub for seniors by Independent Home to your New Bedford home can improve your lifestyle. Walk in bathtubs have the power to reduce your stress level. Enjoy a gentle massage from your tubs jets to relax your body and melt your stress away. Once your body is relaxed it will release endorphins that release your tension. Walk in tubs for seniors also improve your sleep cycle.

Many people think that walk in bathtubs are out of their budget. Independent Home offers fair prices and reliable products.  The cube walk in tub is perfect for small spaces. It includes a full hydrotherapy spa with 16 jets, 15.5” chair height seat, and a hand held shower head. The freedom shower is for those that prefer a shower rather than a bath but it is still easily accessible and easy to use for the whole family. The freedom shower includes non-slip floor and a comfortable built in seat.

The installation process for your new walk in tub for seniors does not have to be difficult. Independent Home will gladly do it for you. Our process includes throwing away your old tub, installing the correct plumbing, and putting in grab bars. We offer a 100% lifetime guarantee on the installation process.

New Bedford, let bathing become a simple process. Add a walk in tub for seniors to your home today!