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Worcester Walk in Tubs

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Walk in tubs are ideal bathtubs for those with limited mobility and joint pain. Independent Home has many models to choose from tailored to your specific mobility wants and needs. Walk in tubs also increase your sleep and help relax your muscles. A walk in tub would be perfect to add to your Worcester home.

Walk in tubs by Independent Home are affordable, and most importantly they are reliable. The Celebrity Walk in Bathtub is able to fit into small spaces. It also has an anti-slip floor and seat along with a handheld shower head. If you would like to add hydrotherapy and whirlpool jets, they are available for an additional fee. The Cube Walk in Bathtub is perfect for relaxing. It includes 12 whirlpool jets, full hydrotherapy spa, and a thermostatic mixing valve control unit all in a compact unit to fit even the smallest bathroom.

Installing a walk in tub does not have to be hard. Independent Home will do it for you. Our experts can have the tub installed in one day. This process includes getting rid of your old tub or shower, hooking up new plumbing, and installing grab bars. This installation process is 100% lifetime guaranteed.

It is time to regain your independence, Worcester. Contact Independent Home today to inquire about your walk in tub.